[PATCH 2 of 2 RFCv2] commands: introduce stash command

Gilles Moris gilles.moris at free.fr
Wed Feb 20 00:02:43 CST 2013

On Tuesday 19 February 2013 06:18:56 pm Kevin Bullock wrote:
> Not necessarily. I often start working on a change e.g. on the stable
> branch, then realize that it should really be done on default. 'stash' is a
> logical way to move working-directory changes across branches without
> having to either (a) really commit, or (b) update to the common ancestor,
> then up to the target head.

But this is another story: it is because the merge engine cannot handle cross 
branches merge. I would prefer that the update command be fixed instead. This 
seems the equivalent of the graft command for the working directory, so 
possibly the infrastructure for that might be almost in place.


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