[PATCH 3 of 3] worker: handle worker failures more aggressively

Isaac Jurado diptongo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 02:20:57 CST 2013

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 12:10 AM, Bryan O'Sullivan <bos at serpentine.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 2:59 PM, Isaac Jurado <diptongo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Oh, I didn't catch that.  As of the current code, your other emails and
>> the name _posixworker() I assumed, probably wrong, that the Windows
>> implementation would have its own idiosyncrasies.
> Yes, but I'm trying to keep as much of the code portable as reasonable, so
> that if someone ports the worker code to Windows, it's minimally invasive.

Allright.  Then forgive me for insisting on this one more time:

What's the plan for Windows?  Threads or processes?

Isaac Jurado

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding"
Leonardo da Vinci

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