Bugzilla server's system time

Isaac Jurado diptongo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 19:41:59 CST 2013

Replying Isaac Jurado:
> Nikolaj is right.  I just made a change to see the timestamp at 1:22
> AM UTC and the bugzilla page shows a 5 hour lapse: 20:22 PM UTC of the
> day before.
> After changing my preferences to my time zone (CET), the same page
> makes the conversion properly, but still with the wrong hour: 21:22 PM
> CET.
> It looks like Bugzilla is working allright, and the problem may come
> from a system misconfiguration.  Or maybe even the NTP daemon is not
> working properly, who knows?

As a bouns feedback.  I just checked the mail notification sent by
Bugzilla, which was also wrong (20:22 +000 instead of 1:22 +000).  If
the Date: header is added by the local MTA and not by Bugzilla, then
there is something wrong with the system time.


Isaac Jurado

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