[PATCH] eol: support alternate location for .hgeol file (issue3975)

Jorge Acereda jacereda at brainstorm.es
Thu Jul 11 10:59:59 CDT 2013

On Jul 11, 2013, at 3:50 PM, Martin Geisler wrote:

> Jorge Acereda <jacereda at brainstorm.es> writes:
>> shared-cfg is a mercurial repo shared by all the team.
>> My $HOME/.hgrc looks like:
>> %include ~/shared-cfg/hgrc
>> ...
>> And ~/shared-cfg/hgrc has:
>> [eol]
>> config = ~/shared-cfg/hgeol
>> ...
> Mkay... I can see how that can work in a company-controlled
> installation, but it's still a bit unusual to put such config into the
> ~/.hgrc files -- it kind of means that you cannot use Mercurial for
> anything *but* the company project... and all projects in the company
> must share the same eol settings too.

Not necessarily all of them, that's why the per-repo .hgeol takes precedence.

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