Recieving HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error with Changegroup hook

Mcadams, Philip W philip.w.mcadams at
Mon Jul 15 17:27:18 CDT 2013

Our team is trying to enable automated builds using the changegroup hook.  The current hook we have place appears to work: once a commit is made the automated build triggers and our push goes through.  The problem is that our users receive an HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error once the commit is made.  Our developers are actively using the hook and for now are just ignoring the error.  Can you review the formatting of our hook to see where the issue possibly lies:

changegroup.update = python:D:\Common\

Thank you.

Philip McAdams
Systems Administrator - NVM Solutions Group Systems Engineering Apps & Infrastructure
Desk: (916) 377-6156 Cell: (916) 534-0092 Pole: FM3-1-D7

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