[PATCH] eol: support alternate location for .hgeol file (issue3975)

Laurens Holst laurens.nospam at grauw.nl
Tue Jul 16 03:30:40 CDT 2013

Op 15-07-13 19:35, Jorge Acereda schreef:
> On Jul 13, 2013, at 8:14 PM, Laurens Holst wrote:
>> Op 11-7-2013 16:01, Martin Geisler schreef:
>> Paths should be resolved relative to the file in which they are specified.
> Right, that's much better. Is there any helper routine for that?

Probably not. I think that might’ve been the reason the ui.ignore bug 
was never fixed.

Config settings need to get an additional field associated with them 
which remembers the path where they were specified; the path of the 
configuration file, or the working directory when on the command line.

Any implementation for this will also help fix ui.ignore.

>> Be wary of the ui.ignore mess.
> Hmmm, was there any problem with that feature? Any reference?

Basically, relative paths are useless there because they are resolved 
relative to the working directory and thus entirely unreliably. Some links:

(discussed in the answer)

I’m sure there’s been more discussion but you’ll have to search the 
archives for it yourself :). Hint:



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