[PATCH 1 of 5 V2] hgweb: code selection without line numbers in file code view

Nicholas Riley njriley at illinois.edu
Sat Jun 1 12:10:06 CDT 2013

In article 
<CAAHOpS_UH7FD-Fi7Uy_BBkC5Ax9VjgJ5TRZYjEqcrLCU1mgRzQ at mail.gmail.com>,
 Ñ@Ñ|ÑuÑ{ÑÉÑpÑ~ÑtÑÇ ÑPÑ|ÑpÑrÑyÑ~ <me at aplavin.ru> wrote:

> I've compared the visual density with the old view, and it's actually the
> same - I mean the same number of lines fits the screen in all my browsers.
> And about the artifacts - I'll try to deal with them, thanks for pointing.

Here's what I'm seeing (happens with Safari and Chrome):

Nicholas Riley <njriley at illinois.edu>

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