selective file commit in the checkin message

David Champion dgc at
Tue Jun 11 15:28:52 CDT 2013

* On 11 Jun 2013, riz.plate wrote: 
> I remember that way back I think I could remove the files in the checkin
> message and the cvs would not check those in.
> Do you think it is a good idea for a new feature? i.e. if the files are
> removed from checkin message/template , those files are removed from the
> checkin.

I think that sounds pretty easy to implement in a shell script, if it's
something you need very often.

ci = ! hg-selective-commit

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# partial commit

edit=$(mktemp ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/$(basename $0).XXXXXXXXXXXX)
filelist=$(mktemp ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/$(basename $0).XXXXXXXXXXXX)
logmessage=$(mktemp ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/$(basename $0).XXXXXXXXXXXX)
cleanup="rm -f '$edit' '$filelist' '$logmessage'"
trap "$cleanup" 0 1 2 3 15

	echo user: $(hg debugconfig ui.username)
	echo branch: $(hg branch)
	hg parents --template 'parent: {rev}:{node|short}  {author}  {date|isodate}\n'
	echo 'Enter commit message.  Select files to commit by deleting lines:'
	hg status 'set:not unknown()' | sed -e 's/^/@/'
) | sed -e 's/^/HG: /' >"$edit"

${VISUAL:-${EDITOR:-vi}} "$edit"
egrep -v '^HG:' "$edit" >"$logmessage"
egrep '^HG: @' "$edit" | cut -c8- >"$filelist"

hg commit -l "$logmessage" "listfile:$filelist"

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