Issues pushing to sandbox repository - hg push either stalls or displays 404 Error Message

Matt Mackall mpm at
Tue Jun 11 16:42:56 CDT 2013

On Tue, 2013-06-11 at 20:51 +0000, Mcadams, Philip W wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm writing regarding issues my team has encountered cloning repos
> from sandbox to production.  Two weeks after our server migration I
> received a JIRA ticket that the user was receiving "abort: HTTP Error
> 404: Not Found" when attempting to synchronize repos.  Another user
> received abort: error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by
> the remote host.
> Followed advice I'd found online and I increased the IIS 7.5
> connection timeout to 2 hours, and upped the parameters
> For the Request Filtering Settings in IIS as well to what shown below:
> [cid:image001.png at 01CE66AA.BA9937C0]
> The user that initially complained of the "abort: HTTP Error 404: Not
> Found" error appeared to have his issue resolved.  I was able to
> reproduce his error as well and I don't get it anymore.  I did screen
> share session with the developer and he was able to clone prod repo to
> local pc, create sandbox repo and synchronize local pc repo with
> sandbox repo fine: it took while as the repo is large.  Prior to
> pushing out to our team that it's fixed I decided to try it myself.
> Although I don't get the "abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found" but my
> pushes just stall/hang.  I've tried pushing via cmd and with
> Tortoisehg and they hang at different spots.  Could this be a network
> issue?

You didn't give us any _Mercurial_ version numbers, but I suspect it's

Key indicators:

- Mercurial built against Python 2.7 (ie recent TortoiseHG)

>   A coworker informed that I need to clear the Mercurial cache.  Does
> Mercurial have a cache that can be cleared.

There's no relevant cache nor is "clearing the cache" a thing you should
ever need to do with Mercurial. Your coworker appears to be
malfunctioning; you might want to try clearing their cache.

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