Issues pushing to sandbox repository - hg push either stalls or displays 404 Error Message

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Tue Jun 11 18:02:44 CDT 2013

Thanks Matt.  That link just saved me a significantly large amount of man hours.  It makes so much sense now.  When we did the server migration we upgraded Tortoisehg to v.2.7.2 because we wanted Mercurial v.2.5.4 (and it pushed our Python up to v.2.7.3).  We had all of our developers optionally upgrade their Tortoisehg to v.2.7.2 as well.  With this info I can present this to the team with the option of rolling back Tortoisehg so we can get an earlier version of Python or just doing a work around of incrementally pushing up the repo revision by revision to the developer's sandbox until it's all ported over.  At least now I can get off of IIS's back :).

Presently I'm the new Mercurial Sysadmin for our group and as such I'm still learning Mercurial.  It's been an interesting yet enjoyable ride thus far :).  Thanks for your assistance.  It's greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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On Tue, 2013-06-11 at 20:51 +0000, Mcadams, Philip W wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm writing regarding issues my team has encountered cloning repos 
> from sandbox to production.  Two weeks after our server migration I 
> received a JIRA ticket that the user was receiving "abort: HTTP Error
> 404: Not Found" when attempting to synchronize repos.  Another user 
> received abort: error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by 
> the remote host.
> Followed advice I'd found online and I increased the IIS 7.5 
> connection timeout to 2 hours, and upped the parameters For the 
> Request Filtering Settings in IIS as well to what shown below:
> [cid:image001.png at 01CE66AA.BA9937C0]
> The user that initially complained of the "abort: HTTP Error 404: Not 
> Found" error appeared to have his issue resolved.  I was able to 
> reproduce his error as well and I don't get it anymore.  I did screen 
> share session with the developer and he was able to clone prod repo to 
> local pc, create sandbox repo and synchronize local pc repo with 
> sandbox repo fine: it took while as the repo is large.  Prior to 
> pushing out to our team that it's fixed I decided to try it myself.
> Although I don't get the "abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found" but my 
> pushes just stall/hang.  I've tried pushing via cmd and with 
> Tortoisehg and they hang at different spots.  Could this be a network 
> issue?

You didn't give us any _Mercurial_ version numbers, but I suspect it's

Key indicators:

- Mercurial built against Python 2.7 (ie recent TortoiseHG)

>   A coworker informed that I need to clear the Mercurial cache.  Does 
> Mercurial have a cache that can be cleared.

There's no relevant cache nor is "clearing the cache" a thing you should ever need to do with Mercurial. Your coworker appears to be malfunctioning; you might want to try clearing their cache.

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