wellcome to our GSoC students!

Giovanni Gherdovich g.gherdovich at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 09:13:52 CDT 2013

Hello everybody.

For those who hang out on our IRC channel ( #mercurial at freenode ),
this is no news; for the rest of us, here a little announcement
to mark the event.

Among all those students who have applied for the
Google Summer of Code 2013 at Mercurial,
the staff has selected three.

Here are them:

# Alexander Plavin (aplavin),
  will work on "Advanced hgweb features"
  mentored by Brodie Rao (brodie,
http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/BrodieRao )

# Iulian Stana (iulians),
  will work on "C implementation of command server API"
  mentored by Pierre-Yves David (marmoute)

# Sean Farley (smf),
  will work on "Improvement of record API and User Interface"
  mentored by Kevin Bullock (TheMystic)

The Mercurial staff, and the whole community, thanks all the students
who have shown interest in the project and applied to the program;
and of course whishes our three "champions" the best of luck
with their projects.

I am sure everybody reading this message will join me in the
warmest "Wellcome aboard!" to Alexander, Iulian and Sean.

Officially the "coding season" for GSoC 2013 starts next monday, June 17th;
but our students have already started crashing patches,
which is a very good sign.

This is it -- let's get this party started!

Giovanni Gherdovich
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