C tool for unit testing.

Iulian Stana julian.stana at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 16:59:10 CDT 2013


My name is Iulian, and if you probably know I will work on
'C implementation of command server API' this summer. Until
now, I haven't got the occasion to work on a big project written
in C. So, I am new on testing tools in C, and until now  I
managed to find some useful tools like 'Check'[1] and 'Google
Test framework'[2].

I would like to know your opinion about those tools, or if you
know some others tools, and which one will fit with mercurial.

I had tried to get some advice from C community, and there
was just one guy that told me, he is using the 'Check' tool.

[1]: http://check.sourceforge.net/
[2]: http://code.google.com/p/googletest/
[3]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/65820/unit-testing-c-code

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