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Iulian Stana julian.stana at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 02:29:57 CDT 2013

I already discussed the timeframe on google-melange, but here with a wider
audience I might have some more advices...

18 June – 23 June: It's about all ready over, I had made a plan and
discussed with mentors about my project and about some organize staff.
23 June - 1 July: I will create the connection between client-server, and
the messages mechanism.
1 July – 15 June: I will try to make some code refactoring, to start
implement the rest of the functions (the mercurial ones)
15 June - 29 June: I will start the doxygen documentation of the code. In
the meantime I will start focusing on the midterm.
29 June – 12 August: I will release the 'beta' version of the API .
12 August – 26 August: I will focus on the tests and examples for the API
26 August – 9 September: I will finish the code documentation
9 September – 16 September: I will refactor the code and try to prepare for
the final evaluation
16 September – 23 September: I will reevaluate the entire activity.

Every week I will write a blog post that will show my activity.
I will be in between 8 and 24 hours per day on the IRC and I will
communicate with mercurial members.
One day per week I will take a break from the project and solve mercurial

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