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Giovanni Gherdovich g.gherdovich at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 03:07:19 CDT 2013

Hello Iulians,

thank you very much to have taken the time to write this email.
After the feedback of the list, this timeline might look very
different from now, so be prepared!

I mean, keep an open mind.

A few comments inline (you write June instead of July
a couple of times, that's all I wanted to fix -- is my understanding

> I already discussed the timeframe on google-melange, but here with a
wider audience I might have some more advices...
> 18 June – 23 June: It's about all ready over, [...]
> 23 June - 1 July: I will create the connection [...]
> 1 July – 15 June: I will try to make some [...]

here it was 1 July – 15 July I guess

> 15 June - 29 June: I will start the [...]

15 July - 29 July.

> 29 June – 12 August: I will release [...]

29 July – 12 August.

Now a remark on the content.

> 29 July – 12 August: I will release the 'beta' version of the API .

In your timeframe, I understand that the developers who potentially
will use your code, will see the API (I mean: the functions, their
along with a description of what they do and the expected output)
in mid August for the first time.

What if they have some comment like "I don't this function useful"
or "I'd like to enhance this other function like this and that" ?

As I understand from Matt's previous comments, he would really
like to start a round table (a discussion) with potential user
of your code ASAP, so that they'll know *now* what functions
you're gonna implement in your API.

(my wild speculation; I invite Matt and others to correct me and add

Having said that, good job with the page
(as I already told you). Intersted people can follow links from there
to: (1) the wiki page of c-hglib (2) your bitbucket repo (3) your blog.

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