[PATCH] hgweb: wrap long lines in file source

Alexander Plavin me at aplavin.ru
Wed Jun 26 12:11:02 CDT 2013

2013/6/26 Laurens Holst <laurens.nospam at grauw.nl>:
> Op 26-06-13 16:43, Alexander Plavin schreef:
>> Would you really like to see smth like this:
>> http://aplavin.ru/2013-06-26-183449_626x1160_scrot.png
> Of course that is not the alternative I was suggesting :).
> If memory recalls, adding “overflow-x: auto” should cut off any exceeding
> text on the right, and make it horizontally scrollable.
> (Ideally you would make the alternating bars span the entire scrollable
> width, but unfortunately that’s impossible without resorting to tables.)
>> and more
>> important, with very inconvenient scrollbar at the very bottom of the
>> page? The first time I saw this it made me think about a bug in
>> displaying.
> Scrollbar at the bottom is a little inconvenient, sure, but you can also
> scroll horizontally with many mouse wheels, or by middle-clicking and moving
> the cursor to the right, or by moving two fingers to the right on a touch
> pad, or by selecting text and dragging to your right. The scrollbars are
> hardly ever being used any more nowadays.

I've not meant using the scrollbars, but just looking at them to see
that it's not the full width.

> I am not in favour of wrapping the source code, because that can visually
> disturb the indentation. It may not be so bad on desktop-sized displays, but
> especially on smaller screens like tablets or mobile phones this can render
> code virtually unreadable. In some languages (e.g. our beloved python) new
> lines can even significantly alter the meaning of code.

The line numbers and stripes help in this case :)

> Emacs and vim aside, editors normally don’t wrap lines and people will be
> authoring code with this in mind. Programmers typically expect to exert
> control of where and how the lines wrap in the editor, and expect it to be
> displayed as such.
> ~Laurens

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