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Sun Jun 30 06:00:14 CDT 2013

3 outgoing changesets in mercurial/crew:
changeset:   19334:77440de177f7
bookmark:    @
tag:         tip
user:        Simon Heimberg <simohe at>
date:        Wed Jun 26 23:12:55 2013 +0200
summary:     tests: simplify and document the sorting of pyflake messages
changeset:   19333:95a49112e7ab
user:        Durham Goode <durham at>
date:        Tue Jun 25 13:23:12 2013 -0700
summary:     bundle: move file chunk generation to it's own function
changeset:   19332:0cfb62e043e8
user:        Durham Goode <durham at>
date:        Tue Jun 18 13:05:16 2013 -0700
summary:     parents: change parents command to use filectx

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