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> 34 outgoing changesets (34 stable) in hg-i18n:
> http://bitbucket.org/mg/hg-i18n/changeset/c45b324cd2b5
> changeset:   19363:c45b324cd2b5
> branch:      stable
> bookmark:    @
> tag:         tip
> user:        Martin Geisler <martin at geisler.net>
> date:        Tue Jun 25 18:45:33 2013 -0400
> summary:     i18n-fr: remove duplicate paragraphs
> [...]

Timeless asked me to review a bunch of translation patches. Some of them
are about problems that Gettext can find if you run

  msgfmt --check --use-fuzzy --output /dev/null XX.po

that is, compile XX.po to find errors and *also* uses and checks the
fuzzy translations. We do run msgfmt with --check when compiling
translations, but we normally ignore the fuzzy translations. They can
thus contain errors such as differences in trailing whitespace or
differences in the format characters used in the original and translated

Timeless wrote a script that finds the same errors reported by msgfmt
plus some additional errors such as differences in paragraph counts
between the original and translated message.

I went through his patches and verified that they look sane, fixed up
the commit messages, and folded similar patches together. For Danish and
German I could correct a couple of translations (mark them non-fuzzy),
for the other languages we just cleaned up the translations but left
them as fuzzy. The language maintainers can now verify that the cleaned
up entries are correct and mark them as good.

It is unclear to me if it is a good idea to generally forbid mistakes in
the fuzzy entries -- but if the language maintainers think so, then I
suggest that we start by running the above msgfmt check on the
translations as part of test-i18n.t.

Martin Geisler
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