timerows functionality thinking/ideation request

brau brauningbar at gmail.com
Wed May 8 19:21:55 CDT 2013

Two months ago I had to resign my job.
At that time I was developing a system
in my spare time and in working hours
i did some programming/testing at the backs of
my bosses. Anyways they said that
the platform belonged to them because
It was developed when I was in contract...

Anyways i had to auditory my repository
to prove them that the thing Is actually
mine. I had to check that every commit were
done in spare time but mercurial had no
obvious means to do that (maybe bisect?),
so i had to do a tedious manual check...

Here is a suggestion to extend the revset language
to pick commits by a more human/worker basis...
Whatever this means here it goes:

At this moment there is no revset modifier to select
commits on a basis like "giveme all changesets
between 15:00 and 19:00 hrs".

I tried looking at the revset and util.py files and I even
added some raw support for my ideas but
i got into a dead end because there are no
standard or normalized means to describe time
(i think).

Either way, i called that functionality "timerows".
Timerows classifies time by magnitude
(in gmtime-like form).

To the phrasing example above, the pseudo
logic would be like:

timerow(hour > 15:00) and timerow(hour < 19:00)

We could even do more convoluted queries,
like "all changesets done on working hours"

timerow(day >= monday)
and timerow(day <= friday)
and (timerow(9.30 <= hour 12.50)
        or timerow(15:00 <= hour <= 19:30))
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