[PATCH 0 of 9 STABLE? V2] make i18n man and html

Takumi IINO trot.thunder at gmail.com
Wed May 15 02:14:17 CDT 2013

This patch series aim is make i18n man and html.
After this patch series, we can make i18n man and html by following command:
  $ LANGUAGE=ja make clean all

but, in currently, translation Text has some problem(rst syntax, anchor, etc), and not possible to generate.

  $ LANGUAGE=ja make clean all 2>&1 | tail
  python gendoc.py hg.1.gendoc > hg.1.gendoc.txt.tmp
  mv hg.1.gendoc.txt.tmp hg.1.gendoc.txt
  python gendoc.py common > common.txt.tmp
  mv common.txt.tmp common.txt
  python runrst hgmanpage  --halt warning \
            --strip-elements-with-class htmlonly hg.1.txt hg.1
  hg.1.gendoc.txt:1729: (ERROR/3) Unexpected indentation.
  Exiting due to level-3 (ERROR) system message.
  make[1]: *** [hg.1] Error 1
  make: *** [doc] Error 2

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