Solving code selection problem in hgweb

Александр Плавин me at
Thu May 30 04:12:07 CDT 2013

I've found a solution (thanks to Jordi), which is hopefully preferable. You
can look at it at, e.g. Also, simple line highlight
is implemented.

2013/5/29 Александр Плавин <me at>

> Probably you know, that now hgweb doesn't allow to select code without
> line numbers correctly. As it's quite an important issue, I'd like to solve
> this, and I can see a way to do it. The solution is to show line numbers as
> they are now, but only when the line is hovered. This way they will not be
> copied, and we don't lose any information. It has the advantage of having
> no problems in display among different browsers (which can arise in other
> solutions) and stripes will be shown the same as now (as I understand most
> of you are against removing the stripes). However, to ensure that I'm
> correct, I ask the question here.
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