Solving code selection problem in hgweb

Laurens Holst laurens.nospam at
Thu May 30 05:17:58 CDT 2013

Op 30-05-13 11:12, Александр Плавин schreef:
> I've found a solution (thanks to Jordi), which is hopefully 
> preferable. You can look at it at, e.g. 
> Also, simple line 
> highlight is implemented.

I don’t like that the screen jumps when you select something. I like to 
select where I’m reading so I don’t lose track, and this heavily 
interferes with that. It would be better if only clicking on the line 
number would change the target.

I like the line numbering solution with li though.

On the topic of the alternating line highlights — personally I don’t 
really care for them much, they kind of interfere with reading the code 
for me (though not much). I think someone brought up to just highlight 
the line that’s currently hovered; I think that’s a nice compromise, 
though maybe it would be annoying, I don’t know.

An alternate would be to highlight a line when you click it like you do, 
but not jump the screen, though that may be technically difficult.


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