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Giovanni Gherdovich g.gherdovich at
Wed Feb 5 00:21:57 CST 2014

Hello everybody,

The Google Summer of Code program is about to start again;
the deadline to submit our application as
a mentoring organization is in a week (Feb 14th):

Last year Jordi submitted it and coordinated all GSoC
efforts within Mercurial; this time he prefers to focus
his energy on GSoC at Octave, so I volunteered to prepare
the application for 2014 and, in case we'll be accepted,
to be the "administrator" in the Melange web application.

It's time to brainstorm and propose projects for GSoC:
having a solid list of ideas is, of course, a requirement
for a successful application.  I opened the page ,
and you're all invited to contribute.  I bootstrapped the
list with the items that weren't chosen by the students
of the past edition.

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