[PATCH] convert: add --authormapsuffix to append set text to author names (issue4171)

Lawrence Stewart lstewart at room52.net
Fri Feb 14 18:50:03 CST 2014

On 02/14/14 14:57, Lawrence Stewart wrote:
> Hi Mads,
> On 02/14/14 12:52, Mads Kiilerich wrote:
>> You mention the lack of a more complete templating like feature. How
>> could it look like? Could we aim at that instead?
> We certainly could and probably should. Only reason I proposed this
> patch is that it exists now, works as advertised and I've been using it
> during my setup of http://hg-beta.freebsd.org/ (currently offline for
> another few hours while I rerun the conversion with my --authormapsuffix
> patch so that authors are mapped to @FreeBSD.org so that downstream
> consumers of the repo can better differentiate from changes made by
> upstream authors vs local authors).

FYI, http://hg-beta.freebsd.org/ is back up if anyone is interested to
take a look. It is being instantiated as a read-only seed repository to
facilitate non-blessed committers and organisations developing
FreeBSD-derived products to be able to more easily track and hack
FreeBSD. I am putting together corresponding documentation to explain
how to do useful things with it, which might be interesting to get some
Mercurial community feedback on at some stage.

The FreeBSD svn source repo represents something of an interesting
conversion challenge, with the partially converted repo (trunk and
stable branches only currently, more branches will likely follow later)
coming in at ~240k commits, ~1GB size on disk.

As an aside, being able to detect MFCes (cherry-pick merges from the
head/trunk branch back to stable branches) and add appropriate ancestral
links during the conversion would be a nice outcome of a more advanced
snippets/templating based arrangement. As far as I know, it's currently
impossible to achieve this on-the-fly when doing incremental conversion
runs against the svn source of truth.


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