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On 17 February 2014 13:52, Kaz Nishimura <kazssym at> wrote:

> I thought something like a 'non-publishing push' command instead before.
> The 'non-publishing push' command will abort if any draft revisions would
> turn to public by pushing them to another repository.  If the remote
> repository is 'non-publishing', it will work just as a normal push.  It
> could be a guard against accidentally publishing unfinished draft
> revisions.  What do you think?

I have another use case. Doing a full build of my current repository takes
around 5 minutes (it's composed of about 20 maven projects). I have a
non-publishing repo on another machine which if pushed to (changegroup
hook) triggers a build of the tip revision, whatever it is. I *never* pull
from this build repo. The idea is that doing a full build doesn't prevent
me from working on something else.

The workflow I have is that I have open only the projects I'm actively
working on. When I make a change I can view/fix any dependencies in my IDE
for the open projects. I'll then push to the build repo to check all other
dependencies, and if anything breaks I can then open those projects and fix
things, amending the revision.

Currently changesets have to be in draft or public phase for me to push
them to the build repo. Changesets that may potentially be modified (amend,
rebase, etc) are kept as secret, but it would be good to be able to push
them to my build repo. Currently to do that I need to change them to draft,
push, then change back to secret.

Tim Delaney
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