sharing secret changesets with friends

Dov Feldstern dovdevel at
Tue Feb 18 18:54:53 CST 2014

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 2:40 AM, Dov Feldstern <dovdevel at> wrote:
> ...
> Perhaps a solution like that suggested by Kaz, of having a
> 'non-publishing' option to push, could work: I would personally set
> that option to always be on, and that would provide the protection I
> am used to from mq; and the equivalent to "qfinish" would be to change
> the phase of the work that I'm ready to publish to be public. And
> "secret" is not part of the scheme at all...

Actually, it's not a 'non-publishing' option to *push* that would be
needed, but rather an option that would affect all of the commands
that share with peers, whether push or pull or clone, saying that they
should not share anything that would cause drafts to become public...

And also, actually, if I'm going to rely on this behavior as a guard,
then using a repo's "publish=no" is not good enough, either: I don't
want to share my half-baked patches with anyone, even if they *did*
define their repo as non-publishing. So in addition to this setting,
I'd *still* need a way of specifying who my "friends" are -- with whom
I'm willing to share my drafts.

Essentially, the scheme I'm describing now is actually changing the
semantics of *drafts*... I'd rather stick with changing the semantics
of "secrets", I think...

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