[PATCH 0 of 9 ] prevent translation for some rst syntax

Simon Heimberg simohe at besonet.ch
Thu Feb 20 09:43:40 CST 2014

Am 08.02.2014 12:17, schrieb Martin Geisler:
> Simon Heimberg <simohe at besonet.ch> writes:
>> In the past, rst syntax has been translated several times. Improve the
>> situation by two concepts. Translation files do not contain entries
>> containing noting but directives (rst syntax: ..XXX::) and
>> untranslatable arguments. And remind the translator by writing a note
>> before paragraphs with directives.
> Great stuff! If we try to move to the long
>    .. note::
>       This is the note.
> syntax, then the translators will be almost completely shielded from the
> rst syntax.

We already do this in the code. There is a check-code rule for this. But 
obviously we don't do it in mercurial/help/*.txt. I have sent a patch 
which is already applied.

> This made me think of something else: would it make sense to strip
> leading whitespace when generating hg.pot? I'm thinking of turning
> source like this (from 'hg help add'):
>      If no names are given, add all files to the repository.
>      .. container:: verbose
>         An example showing how new (unknown) files are added
>         automatically by :hg:`add`::
> into msgids like
>    msgid "If no names are given, add all files to the repository."
>    msgstr ""
>    msgid ""
>    "An example showing how new (unknown) files are added\n"
>    "automatically by :hg:`add`::"
>    msgstr ""
> I think we could still lookup the right text at translation time by
> stripping leading whitespace, do the lookup, and then adding it
> afterwards -- this is actually just like how we split paragraphs.
> The advantage would be that translators seen even less rst syntax and
> wont have to deal with keeping the indentation consistent.

Very interesting idea!

some steps to go:
  * add a test for posplit (in preparation)
  * find and fix some corner cases
  * teach posplit to remove indentation
    (keeping all comments, not generating double entries)
  * teach mercurial to use this translations
    * in mercurial.i18n
    * or when generating xx.mo
  * (maybe restart from step 3 and teach posplit to do it even better)

Some questions:

= different indentation =
What should we do with such a paragraph?
"    aaa\n"
"        bb"

Probably convert to this?
"    bb"

Probably not to the following, because we can not know when the 
indentation should occur in the translation. (The number of lines can 
vary to the original.)

= corner case: command options =

Command options need special handling.

translated is this:
"this option does something very interesting with"

it is shown like this (in hg help):
  -x --example       this option does something very interesting with

When the translation is much longer than the original, we need a line 
break. But the 2nd line must start intended. This is not visible form 
the original, so do not bother the translator with this.
I prepare a patch series handling this in mercurial.minirst.maketable 
(for hg help) and in gendoc.get_opts (for generating documentation).

No idea if there are similar problems in other places. Anybody knows 
about one?

= when to look up indented =

Instead of removing and adding the spaces on runtime, we could also do 
this when generating xx.mo (by generating it form a temporary 
indented_xx.po.tmp). But not sure if this is nicer.

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