Mercurial will have GSoC with the Python Software Foundation

Giovanni Gherdovich g.gherdovich at
Wed Feb 26 08:15:40 CST 2014

Hi all,

the Python Software Foundation accepts to keep us with them
for GSoC 2014, provided that

* our students will blog every two weeks about their advancement and
* the mentor stipends go to the PSF.

Both things seem reasonable.
It's not clear to me how many slots will be available, we'll see.

We now have to provide contact info of 3 mentors;
Kevin and Brodie already told me they are available.


On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 4:54 AM, Terri:
> Hi Giovanni,
> Sorry to hear you didn't get in this year!
> It shouldn't be much problem to have you under our umbrella,
> as long as you don't mind going under our rules.
> Most of it is GSoC standard, but two that might be surprising is
> that we do require the students to blog every 2 weeks
> (among other reasons, this helps the org admins keep track of the
> status for our 30+ students), and the PSF keeps all the mentor stipends
> (they go into their general pool to be redistributed
> to the general python community).
> You'll also need to turn in student selections,
> midterm and final reports early, so I have enough time
> to handle any problems that crop up.
> If none of that sounds terrible to you,
> we'll need contact info for at least 3 dedicated mentors,
> and you'll need to get people signed up both using our and in melange.
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