Review of subrepo related patch series

Angel Ezquerra angel.ezquerra at
Mon Jan 6 12:20:30 CST 2014

On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 9:38 PM, Augie Fackler <raf at> wrote:
> On Jan 3, 2014, at 6:49 PM, Angel Ezquerra <angel.ezquerra at> wrote:
>> Hi (and happy new year to you all!),
>> back in November I sent 3 patch series related to subrepo handling:
>> 1. [PATCH 0 of 2 RFC] subrepo: create / use a subrepo cache
>> 2. [PATCH 0 of 5 ] subrepo: add --subrev option to clone and pull
>> 3. [PATCH 0 of 4 ] subrepo: improve handling of missing subrepo
>> I may have a bit of free time in the middle of January to work on
>> mercurial and I'd hoped to be able to work on these series if I got
>> some comments on them. I am particularly interested on getting
>> feedback on the first one ("create / use a subrepo cache") since I
>> think it could potentially solve a great deal of the issues that we
>> have found on our daily use of subrepos.
> FYI: indicates mpm is still pretty behind on patch review

That is what I thought. I would normally have waited for him to catch
up if not for the fact that I am likely to have time to devote to this
next week, but I can't do much unless some of those patches are

>> So any feedback on these would be really appreciated.
> I'll try to find some time to dig those series up and take a look, but I'm not generally comfortable with subrepo stuff lately, it gives me the willies.

Thanks a lot. Anything you can do will be appreciated!

I believe all the patches can be found on the patchwork server. I did
try to make the commit messages as clear an detailed as possible, but
let me give you a few pointers / notes to try to help you along:

- Series #1 is RFC because I want to know if it actually makes sense.
I think it fixes a lot of problems with subrepos. However I definitely
need an external, objective opinion on this since the approach I took
is perhaps a bit unusual (creating a subrepo cache and creating
working directory subrepos as shared repos from that cache).

- Series #2 ("[PATCH 0 of 5 ] subrepo: add --subrev option to clone
and pull") is a rework of a patch that Matt reviewed on the previous
release cycle (
In his review he suggested that we could add a flag that behaved
similarly to the --lfpull flag. This is what this series tries to do.

- Series #3 is the simplest (in terms of what it tries to achieve). It
is meant to improve the behavior of subrepos when using evolve.



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