buildbot has no builds for windows

Simon Heimberg simohe at
Thu Jan 16 14:31:18 CST 2014

On 14.01.2014 18:20, Brendan Cully wrote:
> FWIW I brought back up the ailing VM.
Good news, thank you very much.
I planned to learn how to run hg tests and buildbot slave on windows. I 
do not regret that I can postpone. (It would be usable anyway, but I did 
not get far.)

Great to see that the effects of some patches are as desired. But 
file://x on linux is file:///x on windows, and test-module-imports... 
But let's discuss this in a separate thread.

> It still never seems to be able
> to launch hgweb tests though -- always fails with
> "abort: child process failed to start"
> I assume this is due to some problem with the VM, and is not an actual
> bug in hg.
I guess also it is not  a bug in hg. Maybe the problem is in the test suite.

What I do not understand is why there is only one "Abort" message on 
I tried running "hg serve -p 8888 -d" when port 8888 is in use (by a 2nd 
hg serve).
   On linux, there are two abort messages, the known one plus one from 
the child.
   On windows, I only get one error message.
So this seems to be a normal behaviour when running on this os.

Therefore it is possible that the problem is some processes hang around 
blocking some ports. It looks like hg processes: on [1], the process 
could not be started in test-treediscovery.t, but the test did some real 
communication. (Of course not what is expected. But it did exchange some 
I guess the processes of the last run are hanging around. As long as we 
run the same tests, they get the same port on each run. When a process 
remains, its test will fail forever. (Almost, as long as nobody kills 
the process.)
Maybe there is a problem with kill in the test suite?


> On Thursday, 09 January 2014 at 16:42, Simon Heimberg wrote:
>> The buildslave running windows [w2k8] is shown offline since november
>> 24. Does anybody know anything about this? Will it ever run again? I
>> really miss it.
>> [w2k8]

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