[PATCH STABLE] bookmarks: use try/except for accessing a node

Pierre-Yves David pierre-yves.david at ens-lyon.org
Tue Mar 18 19:35:07 CDT 2014

On 03/18/2014 05:23 PM, Sean Farley wrote:
> # HG changeset patch
> # User Sean Farley <sean.michael.farley at gmail.com>
> # Date 1395182192 18000
> #      Tue Mar 18 17:36:32 2014 -0500
> # Branch stable
> # Node ID 8d3d12401c38524417f1151b817fd210645a0602
> # Parent  03774a2b6991b451bde7095238fde9ce98380d28
> bookmarks: use try/except for accessing a node
> Previously, in bookmarks.compare a changeset node would be tested via 'node in
> repo' but this is tricky. A value of 'True' could be returned even if the node
> is hidden and accessing it will throw a 'RepoLookupError'. This happens when a
> remote bookmark points to changeset that has been obsoleted locally. Therefore,
> we wrap the block in a try/except which handles catching the error.

1. `<node> in repo` should not return True if the revision is filtered.
    Consider fixing this instead.

2. During bookmark pulling, a bookmark should cleanly apply on a
    filtered changeset making it visible again.
    Consider fixing this instead.

3. There is multiple example of test using public changeset in
    test-obsolete.t You should be able to build a test case from that.


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