[PATCH 6 of 7 RFC v2] filelog: censored files compare against empty data, have 0 size

Matt Mackall mpm at selenic.com
Wed Oct 1 11:52:19 CDT 2014

On Mon, 2014-09-15 at 08:01 -0400, Mike Edgar wrote:
> # HG changeset patch
> # User Mike Edgar <adgar at google.com>
> # Date 1410741154 14400
> #      Sun Sep 14 20:32:34 2014 -0400
> # Node ID 03684b2891165ba0f6626216a1a6eaed4c502547
> # Parent  cb2d62a677e6df6b50df1699e7eea212a82af98d
> filelog: censored files compare against empty data, have 0 size

I've queued 1, 2, and 6 here. But I'm not convinced about the layering
of the policy bits yet. Basically, I think we need to have less
knowledge about censored files at high levels like this, otherwise we'll
end up with special case code everywhere.

I think we should instead have two behaviors when we ask for file

- abort (default, but hint about the next option)
- quietly treat file as empty

..and have this buried down in the fctx layer (which is the lowest layer
that has access to a ui object).

Before we add in a config file, we should probably first add a master
config switch that just chooses between the above two basic behaviors.
We can add in a policy file as a later step. You've used censor.allow
for this, but it might be better as censor.policy=abort/ignore/file.

And then we get something like:

$ hg update
abort: file censored .config at XXXX!
(use --config censor.policy=ignore to continue)

Also, we probably don't want verify to warn about ancient censored nodes
if policy allows them because it'll distract from real issues.

Mathematics is the supreme nostalgia of our time.

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