Want to help changeset evolution ? Here is a list of easy task.

Pierre-Yves David pyd at fb.com
Sat Oct 4 05:51:20 CDT 2014

During the sprint in Munich, Angel Ezquerra me asked how an occasional 
contributors could help the development of the changeset evolution 
concept. Therefore I recently created a list of easy tasks and bugfix on 
the Mercurial tracker. Some of them requires patch for Mercurial core 
and some others require patching the experimental evolve extension.

Here is the list of tasks as a teaser:

- add a --evolve flag to `hg next`
- add a --keep flag to `hg prune`
- add a --rev flag to `hg evolve`
- add flag to pick the trouble to resolve on `hg evolve`
- cleanup, split, fold and bijection in `hg prune`
- evolve doesn't support lazy revsets
- handle merge in `hg evolve`
- `hg amend -e` without username sends nowhere
- `hg evolve` should preserve branch change
- `hg touch` fails to move the active bookmark
- `hg touch` on multiple revision does the wrong thing
- point to evolution documentation (or the evolve command) in the 
troubled changesets warning
- say ""filtered revision" instead of "unknown revision" when referring 
to a hidden changeset

The full list is available here: 

Happy Hacking.

(cross posting to mercurial-devel and evolve-testers mailing list; 
please discuss each tasks on the bts or in its own thread.)

Pierre-Yves David

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