[PATCH 2 of 2] bundle2: add a part to import external bundles

Mike Hommey mh at glandium.org
Wed Oct 15 03:04:56 CDT 2014

On Sat, Oct 11, 2014 at 11:46:18AM -0700, Gregory Szorc wrote:
> This test doesn't actually verify import-bundle is used. We need some
> kind of UI output or confirmation from the HTTP/bundle server to verify
> the client is actually fetching a remote URL/bundle. This deficiency is
> present in subsequent tests.
> I'm not sure if we want the client to print import-bundle details by
> default or if it should be hidden behind --debug. Large repositories
> presumably generating many bundles could lead to console spam, which is
> a point in --debug's favor. More on this later.

--debug is *very* verbose, though :(

  $ hg --debug clone ssh://user@dummy/repo clone
  running python "dummyssh" user at dummy 'hg -R repo serve --stdio'
  sending hello command
  sending between command
  remote: 283
  remote: capabilities: lookup changegroupsubset branchmap pushkey known getbundle unbundlehash batch stream bundle2-exp=HG2X%0Ab2x%253Achangegroup%0Ab2x%253Aimport-bundle%3Dhttp%2Chttps%0Ab2x%253Alistkeys%0Ab2x%253Apushkey%0Adigests%3Dmd5%2Csha1 unbundle=HG10GZ,HG10BZ,HG10UN httpheader=1024
  remote: 1
  preparing listkeys for "bookmarks"
  sending listkeys command
  query 1; heads
  sending batch command
  requesting all changes
  sending getbundle command
  start processing of HG2X stream
  reading bundle2 stream parameters
  start extraction of bundle2 parts
  part header size: 24
  part type: "b2x:import-bundle"
  part id: "0"
  part parameters: 0
  found a handler for part 'b2x:import-bundle'
  payload chunk size: 123
  payload chunk size: 0
  adding changesets
  changesets: 1 chunks
  add changeset cd010b8cd998
  changesets: 2 chunks
  add changeset 42ccdea3bb16
  changesets: 3 chunks
  add changeset 5fddd98957c8
  changesets: 4 chunks
  add changeset 32af7686d403
  changesets: 5 chunks
  add changeset 9520eea781bc
  changesets: 6 chunks
  add changeset 24b6387c8c8c
  changesets: 7 chunks
  add changeset eea13746799a
  changesets: 8 chunks
  add changeset 02de42196ebe
  adding manifests
  manifests: 1/8 chunks (12.50%)
  manifests: 2/8 chunks (25.00%)
  manifests: 3/8 chunks (37.50%)
  manifests: 4/8 chunks (50.00%)
  manifests: 5/8 chunks (62.50%)
  manifests: 6/8 chunks (75.00%)
  manifests: 7/8 chunks (87.50%)
  manifests: 8/8 chunks (100.00%)
  adding file changes
  adding A revisions
  files: 1/7 chunks (14.29%)
  adding B revisions
  files: 2/7 chunks (28.57%)
  adding C revisions
  files: 3/7 chunks (42.86%)
  adding D revisions
  files: 4/7 chunks (57.14%)
  adding E revisions
  files: 5/7 chunks (71.43%)
  adding F revisions
  files: 6/7 chunks (85.71%)
  adding H revisions
  files: 7/7 chunks (100.00%)
  added 8 changesets with 7 changes to 7 files (+2 heads)
  part header size: 35
  part type: "b2x:listkeys"
  part id: "1"
  part parameters: 1
  found a handler for part 'b2x:listkeys'
  payload chunk size: 0
  part header size: 39
  part type: "b2x:listkeys"
  part id: "2"
  part parameters: 1
  found a handler for part 'b2x:listkeys'
  payload chunk size: 0
  part header size: 0
  end of bundle2 stream
  checking for updated bookmarks
  preparing listkeys for "phases"
  sending listkeys command
  updating the branch cache
  updating to branch default
  resolving manifests
   branchmerge: False, force: False, partial: False
   ancestor: 000000000000, local: 000000000000+, remote: 02de42196ebe
   A: remote created -> g
  getting A
   F: remote created -> g
  getting F
   H: remote created -> g
  getting H
  updating: H 3/3 files (100.00%)
  3 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved

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