[PATCH evolve-ext] evolve: fix the 'grab' alias to work on Windows

Matt Harbison matt_harbison at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 2 20:45:20 CDT 2014

Pierre-Yves David wrote:
> On 08/13/2014 02:24 AM, Matt Harbison wrote:
>> On Tue, 12 Aug 2014 19:56:26 -0400, Matt Harbison wrote:
>>> # HG changeset patch
>>> # User Matt Harbison <matt_harbison at yahoo.com>
>>> # Date 1407884993 14400
>>> # Tue Aug 12 19:09:53 2014 -0400
>>> # Node ID 51cda4d2bb2cd52f4e90bf35c4243e33c8ec71bb
>>> # Parent 66f4c5c52d970f145cd218ceed065c3fe096631d
>>> evolve: fix the 'grab' alias to work on Windows
>>> $ ../../hg/tests/run-tests.py --with-hg=../../hg/hg --blacklist windows
>>> Skipped test-simple4server.t: blacklisted
>>> Warned test-obsolete.t: no result code from test
>>> Warned test-tutorial.t: no result code from test
>>> Warned test-evolve.t: no result code from test
>>> Warned test-userguide.t: no result code from test
>>> Warned test-sharing.t: no result code from test
>>> Warned test-drop.t: no result code from test
> Not sure what this Warnings mean. Greg do you have and idea ?

IIRC, these were tests that ran "successfully", without output changes. 
  I was tinkering later with one, and it wanted to make changes when I 
ran it in interactive mode.  As a side effect, run-tests.py also wanted 
to add and/or remove "(glob)" markers.  After that, it ran cleanly with 
no such warning as above, either in interactive mode or not.

I cleaned up all of these files to add and subtract the "(glob)" markers 
as suggested by hg's run-tests.py, and then they all ran fine.  So it 
seems like run-tests.py -i *won't* fix up glob problems unless there are 
also other changes to the file too, and it yields that warning if they 
aren't as they should be when there are no other changes.

I have no idea what the cause is- I can't remember seeing this when 
running tests in the hg repo, but I suppose check-code is catching all 
of that.  I was just waiting for the other series to be queued before 
sending out the glob fixes for these tests.

Is there a plan for bringing evolve's test up to date with the hg repo? 
  It seems to predate Windows support, and I don't feel motivated enough 
to pick through the hg history to port just the Windows support changes.

>>> Failed test-prune.t: output changed
>>> # Ran 41 tests, 1 skipped, 6 warned, 1 failed.
>> The prune failure seems like a real bug in evolve d2fe19c818ea /
>> hg fff8e1cec90f:
> A clowny bug was recently detected by windows. Can you try again with
> public stable heads of Mercurial ?

Will do.


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