[PATCH 5 of 5 STABLE v2] revset: use _diffset in orderedlazyset.__sub__

Gregory Szorc gregory.szorc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 11:47:33 CDT 2014

On 9/9/14 9:36 AM, Augie Fackler wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 08, 2014 at 02:59:47PM -0700, Gregory Szorc wrote:
>> # HG changeset patch
>> # User Gregory Szorc <gregory.szorc at gmail.com>
>> # Date 1410200370 25200
>> #      Mon Sep 08 11:19:30 2014 -0700
>> # Node ID d2c3dd725cf9b64b564f13096102f61f6b0d06ba
>> # Parent  b8226fb4800578b0d7b05f255f4c26140e458256
>> revset: use _diffset in orderedlazyset.__sub__
> This series looks good to me, but did you intend this for stable?
> (I'll leave these flagged, and will consider dropping them into default
> - this seems like it might be too invasive for stable.)

The clone time regression for the Firefox repo in 3.0 is a *major* 
regression. It appears Mercurial is hung for several minutes. I would 
like to see this fix rolled out ASAP so the window of impacted hg 
versions is as narrow as possible. If this is accepted in stable, I 
would even go so far as to ask for an early 3.0.2 release to further 
reduce the window by a few weeks.

I have the benchmarks running now, but I believe b8226fb48005 (the 
gnarliest patch in the series) isn't required to fix the regression and 
omitting it would introduce no revset benchmark regressions. Would that 
make stable inclusion easier?

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