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Wed Feb 4 15:16:47 CST 2015

3 new changesets in mercurial:
changeset:   24030:828dc8db5515
user:        Yuya Nishihara <yuya at>
date:        Wed Feb 04 21:25:57 2015 +0900
summary:     revlog: add __contains__ for fast membership test
changeset:   24031:fe1abb5d92f6
user:        Yuya Nishihara <yuya at>
date:        Wed Feb 04 21:37:06 2015 +0900
summary:     revset: have rev() validate input by repo.changelog.__contains__()
changeset:   24032:c53bc2e52514
bookmark:    @
tag:         tip
user:        Augie Fackler <augie at>
date:        Wed Feb 04 11:38:30 2015 -0500
summary:     parsers: use k instead of n for PyArg_ParseTuple because python 2.4 is awful

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