Packaging Mercurial for Turbo NAS?

Kaz Nishimura kazssym at
Thu Feb 26 18:41:35 CST 2015

I am planning to package Mercurial for QNAP Turbo NAS. Are you interested
in such an attempt?

I have confirmed the pure Python version of Mercurial is manually
installable if Python package is already installed, though it was installed
into the Python package.  Since Turbo NAS requires external Linux-based
machines to compile any native code, I will start with the pure version

One issue I must resolve to package Mercurial on Turbo NAS is its install
location is not known when making a package but after it is installed.  To
make such a installable package, how can I install Mercurial into a
temporary location?

On Turbo NAS, I can use minimal shell commands and the Python package.  I
have not checked if 'make' is usable.  Do I need anything else?
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