[PATCH] hg stable: fix issue 4748; origin of a renamed file is lost after merge

Sean Farley sean at farley.io
Mon Jul 13 13:52:07 CDT 2015

Jeremy Parente <jeremy.parente at oneaccess-net.com> writes:

> # HG changeset patch
> # User jepa, system HG Jeremy Parente <jeremy.parente at oneaccess-net.com>

By the way, is this the name you want associated with your patch? Seems
like an error, but don't know for sure.

> # Date 1436802799 -7200
> #      Mon Jul 13 17:53:19 2015 +0200
> # Branch stable
> # Node ID b8c73f1f0d2e89aeb852f722bd3814112484d262
> # Parent  540cd0ddac49c1125b2e013aa2ff18ecbd4dd954
> hg: merge renamed file in c2 not modified in c1 treated as a copy (issue4748)
> Change how to handle divergent that is a rename in c2 but unmodified in c1 to
> keep origin, we treat such case like a copy to be able to track diff between
> renamed file and original file.

Thanks for looking into this!

I can't speak of the validity of your patch but I couldn't get it to
apply due to mail damage. I would suggest getting some feedback and then
resending using the patchbomb extension:


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