[PATCH] hg stable: fix issue 4748; origin of a renamed file is lost after merge

Jeremy Parente jeremy.parente at oneaccess-net.com
Tue Jul 14 06:00:48 CDT 2015

Hi Sean and Matt,

sorry about the corruption.

About the name, you are right, not the correct one, I'll fix this in my hgrc.

Should I re-send the patch with the patchbomb extension as a reply to this 
thread of mail (using the --in-reply-to) ? Or simply as a brand new mail, so 
opening a new thread ?

About the huge set of test changes, agree it's a little bit scary (was my first 
impression when they failed). Tests were not wrong, but due to my fix, result 
differs in the different test case of merge that match the issue 4748.

I don't have simply replaced the tests, I have check them first. But definitely 
a second pair of eyes is necessary (maybe I miss something because I don't 
master all the mercurial internals).


On 07/13/2015 08:52 PM, Sean Farley wrote:
> Jeremy Parente <jeremy.parente at oneaccess-net.com> writes:
>> # HG changeset patch
>> # User jepa, system HG Jeremy Parente <jeremy.parente at oneaccess-net.com>
> By the way, is this the name you want associated with your patch? Seems
> like an error, but don't know for sure.
>> # Date 1436802799 -7200
>> #      Mon Jul 13 17:53:19 2015 +0200
>> # Branch stable
>> # Node ID b8c73f1f0d2e89aeb852f722bd3814112484d262
>> # Parent  540cd0ddac49c1125b2e013aa2ff18ecbd4dd954
>> hg: merge renamed file in c2 not modified in c1 treated as a copy (issue4748)
>> Change how to handle divergent that is a rename in c2 but unmodified in c1 to
>> keep origin, we treat such case like a copy to be able to track diff between
>> renamed file and original file.
> Thanks for looking into this!
> I can't speak of the validity of your patch but I couldn't get it to
> apply due to mail damage. I would suggest getting some feedback and then
> resending using the patchbomb extension:
> https://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/PatchbombExtension


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