[PATCH] hg stable: fix issue 4748; origin of a renamed file is lost after merge

Sean Farley sean at farley.io
Tue Jul 14 12:15:21 CDT 2015

Jeremy Parente <jeremy.parente at oneaccess-net.com> writes:

> Hi Sean and Matt,
> sorry about the corruption.
> About the name, you are right, not the correct one, I'll fix this in my hgrc.
> Should I re-send the patch with the patchbomb extension as a reply to this 
> thread of mail (using the --in-reply-to) ? Or simply as a brand new mail, so 
> opening a new thread ?

When you're ready to send another patch, the common practice here is to
use --flag V2 (or V3, etc.)

> About the huge set of test changes, agree it's a little bit scary (was my first 
> impression when they failed). Tests were not wrong, but due to my fix, result 
> differs in the different test case of merge that match the issue 4748.

I would look into what Matt suggested about the files not being
divergent (i.e. perhaps your fix is not the correct one). Unfortunately,
I haven't had time to dig into this myself to provide more guidance.

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