Mercurial failing on TLSv1.2 repos, but I wrote a patch

Matt Mackall mpm at
Thu Jul 23 09:25:28 CDT 2015

On Thu, 2015-07-23 at 13:45 +0000, Warren Melnick wrote:
> >
> >FYI, our RPM build scripts can build a private copy of modern Python:
> >
> >$ contrib/buildrpm --withpython
> >
> >This is what allows us to continue supporting Centos/RHEL 5.
> >
> Is there more info on this?  Remember, I am not a Python guy, just a
> systems guy who does perl and PHP too.  If I can build that for both
> CentOS 6 and MacOS, it will solve my immediate problem.

Grep in the top-level Makefile for centos5 and centos6. The centos5
version uses the --withpython bit. Copy that to the centos6 section and
then 'make centos6' will download and compile Python 2.7.9 and then
bundle it into an RPM. Also note that there's a docker- version of the
target that will let you do the build in a more controlled Docker

Macs are another story, since they don't have a standard package
manager. You can do the same trick of having a private Python, but we
don't have a ready-backed recipe for it. Brew might be an option.

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