mercurial at 25887: 5 new changesets (5 on stable)

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Fri Jul 31 11:00:44 CDT 2015

5 new changesets (5 on stable) in mercurial:
changeset:   25883:7fcad0c4ef8c
branch:      stable
parent:      25877:85785cd3b69f
user:        Wagner Bruna <wbruna at>
date:        Wed Jul 29 11:37:36 2015 -0300
summary:     i18n-pt_BR: synchronized with 3e84f40232c7
changeset:   25884:b810b59eca62
branch:      stable
parent:      25882:97a9f7602014
user:        Eugene Baranov <eug.baranov at>
date:        Wed Jul 22 16:57:11 2015 +0100
summary:     convert: when converting from Perforce use original local encoding by default
changeset:   25885:88546cc32d8f
branch:      stable
parent:      25883:7fcad0c4ef8c
user:        FUJIWARA Katsunori <foozy at>
date:        Fri Jul 31 18:39:48 2015 +0900
summary:     i18n-ja: synchronized with 7fcad0c4ef8c
changeset:   25886:f6e159237260
branch:      stable
parent:      25884:b810b59eca62
parent:      25885:88546cc32d8f
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Fri Jul 31 10:26:57 2015 -0500
summary:     merge with i18n
changeset:   25887:21aa1c313b05
branch:      stable
bookmark:    @
tag:         tip
user:        Matt Mackall <mpm at>
date:        Fri Jul 31 10:49:15 2015 -0500
summary:     i18n: fix unclosed inline span in pt_BR

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