[PATCH 3 of 3] revset: drop factory that promotes spanset to fullreposet

Yuya Nishihara yuya at tcha.org
Wed Jun 3 09:37:28 CDT 2015

On Sun, 17 May 2015 20:12:50 -0700, Pierre-Yves David wrote:
> So, there does not seems to be an obvious consensus and the question
> seems to be complicated. I think we need to take a global look at this
> issue to ensure we have something consistent in 3.5. This is especially
> important if we want to push the 'wdir()' forward.
> I think we need to start a wiki page at this point. The wiki page would
> list:
> - a set of relevant example usecases. With possible behavior.
> - sorts -all- existing revset is a set of relevant categories taking in
> account how they are affected by null/wdir and if their implementation
> would need rework to support them.

I've updated the wiki page to show the current status of null revision in


It doesn't list the status of wdir(), but I believe wdir() will crash in most
cases because of None.


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