Issue: import error on newest pypy on push (with hg-git resp. dulwich as extension)

Jordi GutiƩrrez Hermoso jordigh at
Wed Jun 3 08:22:13 CDT 2015

On Wed, 2015-06-03 at 09:15 +0200, Sergey Brester wrote:
> I use pypy, because for example by push from large hg-repo to large
> git-repo (hg-git + dulwich) using cpython, I can wait sometimes up
> to serveral minutes (dependent on commit size). With pypy the same
> is ready in few seconds.

Ah, this is an interesting data point I had not considered. So Pypy
speeds up hg-git and dulwich? There were old ideas to reimplement
hg-git to use the Python bindings to libgit, iirc. Maybe that alone
could be a net win for everyone, with or without Pypy.

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