[PATCH] phase: add a pointer to 'hg help phases' in the 'phase' help

Pierre-Yves David pierre-yves.david at ens-lyon.org
Fri Jun 19 13:20:04 CDT 2015

# HG changeset patch
# User Pierre-Yves David <pierre-yves.david at fb.com>
# Date 1434737235 25200
#      Fri Jun 19 11:07:15 2015 -0700
# Node ID e372396adcf1cbab1165fcb64c90c4cb8a812a8e
# Parent  85294076adceb3263056e366023cba2e88ace6ca
phase: add a pointer to 'hg help phases' in the 'phase' help

The command and the general topic have very similar name. The topic is pointing
to the command, but the command was not pointing to the topic.

diff --git a/mercurial/commands.py b/mercurial/commands.py
--- a/mercurial/commands.py
+++ b/mercurial/commands.py
@@ -4983,10 +4983,12 @@ def phase(ui, repo, *revs, **opts):
         public < draft < secret
     Returns 0 on success, 1 if no phases were changed or some could not
     be changed.
+    (For more information about the phases concept, see :hg:`help phases`.)
     # search for a unique phase argument
     targetphase = None
     for idx, name in enumerate(phases.phasenames):
         if opts[name]:

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