Proposal: discourage packagers from enabling merge-tool configs

Augie Fackler raf at
Wed Mar 11 10:12:01 CDT 2015

From IRC just now:
> 11:07 < newdan> durin42, well yesterday I had some help figuring out how to 
>                 make rebase work more like git when conflicts happen (by 
>                 default on my box it opens up gvimdiff which I don't know, and 
>                 :qall-ing out made me actually lose some of my work)

This has burned me too. I believe our current position is that we think packagers should enable all the merge tools. I think that's dangerous for the above reason. Can we change that to recommend including it as a documentation sample, but to not enable them by default?

(It strikes me as particularly likely that gvimdiff is installed on machines without users explicitly requesting it, and that it'll be hard for non-advanced-vim types to get out of it without leaving the merge in a completely resolved state, which is annoying at best and catastrophic for a newbie at worst.)
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