FYI: pushed most of marmoute's bundle2 work to the clowncopter

Augie Fackler raf at
Sun May 31 22:37:26 CDT 2015

I’ve pushed the following changes to the clowncopter after review and some light copyediting:

@  e4198 pierre-yves @
|  test: use bundle2 in test-http
o  8c3b pierre-yves
|  test: copy test-http.t to test-http-bundle1.t
o  12b8 pierre-yves
|  test: use bundle2 in test-ssh
o  ee1b4 pierre-yves
|  test: copy test-ssh.t to test-ssh-bundle1.t
o  8c698 pierre-yves
|  test: lock test-unbundlehash to bundle1 usage
o  b2b58 pierre-yves
|  test: use bundle2 in test-acl
o  99f8 pierre-yves
|  test: use both bundle formats in test-pull-http
o  5b2b pierre-yves
|  test: use bundle2 in test-http-proxy
o  52ddb pierre-yves
|  tests: use bundle2 for test-hook
o  a5dc pierre-yves
|  pull: only prefetch bookmarks when using bundle1
o  828c pierre-yves
|  pull: document the race condition with bookmark name
o  d0f1d pierre-yves
|  pull: only list remote bookmarks if -B is used to populate pulled heads

I’ve got about 5 patches of his series left - since that’s the endgame for the series, I think that should loop through the list tomorrow (plus I ran out of reviewing time today.)

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