[PATCH RFC] sslutil: issue a warning when an "insecure" Python is used

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 19:00:35 EDT 2016

Gregory Szorc wrote:
> The changes to test-https.t are a bit more than I'd like. I had to
> copy whole stanzas because the .t test parser doesn't understand
> #ifdef..#else..#endif inside command output sections. If it did,
> there would be much less duplication in the test and it would be
> easier to comprehend and modify in the future.

Something I proposed to marmoute and plan to do for the hgbook is to do:

  $ command 2>&1 > ../output
#if x
  $ cat ../output
  $ cat ../output

That means that a command is only listed once, and it makes changing
things to keep them updated easier.

If you'd like to try...

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