[PATCH 1 of 5 pure-fix] tests: migrate test-bdiff.py to use unittest (part 1 of 4)

Augie Fackler raf at durin42.com
Thu Dec 15 11:36:04 EST 2016

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 11:32 AM, Augie Fackler <raf at durin42.com> wrote:
> @@ -1,44 +1,52 @@
>  from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function
> +import silenttestrunner
>  import struct
> +import unittest
> +

I got some weirdly inconsistent import-checking behavior out of these
lines on one machine, but can't reproduce it now. Given that this
looks very similar to the equivalent code in test-manifest.py, I'm not
going to sweat it.

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