[PATCH 5 of 5] chgserver: make _renewui load repo and command line configs

Sean Farley sean at farley.io
Wed Feb 24 18:13:57 EST 2016

Jun Wu <quark at fb.com> writes:

> # HG changeset patch
> # User Jun Wu <quark at fb.com>
> # Date 1456352811 0
> #      Wed Feb 24 22:26:51 2016 +0000
> # Node ID d8bb763c7fe0628ce293de5f914947b5e9e3dfc3
> # Parent  a987a1eaf022e94dc62eba75e05c6e04b1e03714
> chgserver: make _renewui load repo and command line configs
> Before this patch, there is no way to load repo config in chgserver. This
> patch revised _renewui to let it load repo config and take command line
> flags passed into consideration.
> The _renewui logic is not ideal at present because it's very tricky to know
> what should copy and what should not from the old ui object to the new one.
> This is partially because the current ui and config object design is not
> ideal. In the future, we may want to avoid all ui or config copies.

These patches are a bit much to digest. I like the direction but I think
Yuya needs to take a look.

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